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ISIS Canada FRP Design Workshops

The 2008 ISIS Canada FRP Design Workshop Tour provides an excellent opportunity for engineers, practictioners and researchers to update their knowledge of how FRPs are used in civil infrastructure. The workshops will be conducted in Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver and Halifax. Download brochure for dates and times

These workshops will focus on how to design both new and existing structures using FRPs by following these documents:


  • Design Manual #3, Reinforcing Concrete Structures with Fibre Reinforced Polymers
  • Design Manual #4, FRP Rehabilitation of Reinforced Concrete Structures


  • Design Manual #5, Prestressing Concrete Structures with FRPs
  • Specifications for FRP Product Certification of FRPs as Internal Reinforcement in Concrete Structures
  • Durability of Fibre Reinforced Polymers in Civil Infrastructure

Participants will receive copies of the manuals and the presentations will focus on a detailed review of design procedures and examples. Each workshop will run from 7:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. on its scheduled day and will provide the equivalent of 6 professional development hours.

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3rd International Conference on Durability & Field Applications of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites for Construction (CDCC'2007)

Quebec City, Quebec
May 22-24, 2007

The conference will focus on durability of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composites and structures newly constructed, repaired and strengthened with these materials. Undoubtedly, durability is the key element for successful application of FRP composites in construction where life cycle cost has, by large, proven to be the most important issue for new construction materials.  The current conference is the third in the series. The first one was held in Sherbrooke in 1998 and the second one was held in Montreal in 2002.  The conference is intended to provide a unique opportunity for researchers, engineers, consultants, structure owners, contractors, and FRP manufacturers to exchange the latest knowledge on durability and field applications of FRP composites in construction.  This exchange will help determine the needs and directions for future research required to predict the durability of structures constructed with FRP composites.

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Smart Structures and Materials
III Eccomas Thematic Conference

Gdansk, Poland
July 9-11, 2007

In the past decade technological developments in material and computer sciences have evolved to the point where their synergistic combination have culminated in a new field of multidisciplinary research in smart structures, systems and related technologies. The advances in material sciences have provided a comprehensive and theoretical framework for implementing multifunctionality into materials, and the development of high speed digital computers has permitted the transformation of that framework into methodologies for practical design and production. The goals of the ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Smart Structures and Materials consist in the provision of a comprehensive forum for discussion on the current state-of-the-art in the field.


Third International Conference on FRP Composites in Civil Engineering (CICE 2006)

Miami, Florida
December 13-15, 2006

Applications of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) in civil engineering have increased significantly in recent years, both for the strengthening of existing structures and for new construction. The aim of this conference is to provide an international forum for all concerned with the application of FRP composites in civil engineering to exchange recent advances in both research and practice.

The three-day conference will be filled with a variety of session formats, with a balance of technical advancement and practicality to permit the widest possible participation, including researchers and engineers. A number of world-renowned scholars will be invited to present keynote lectures. A con-current FRP product exhibition session will also be held. A pre-conference workshop on FRP repair applications and a post-conference cruise from Port of Miami are being planned.

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International Conferences and Workshops (Archived)

7th International Conference on Short and Medium Span Bridges (SMSB7)

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
August 23-25, 2006

The International Conference on Short & Medium Span Bridges is sponsored by the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) every four years in Canada. The conference provides a worldwide state-of-the-art forum which focuses and addresses bridge engineering aspects tied to short and medium span bridges. The Seventh International Conference on Short & Medium Span Bridges will take place in Montreal, Canada, on August 23-25, 2006.

Dedicated to the gathering and dissemination of information on design and construction of new bridges, the conference also evaluates the condition of existing bridges worldwide and covers the roadway transportation infrastructures (bridges, viaducts, interchanges, elevated roundabouts, etc.) and, for the first time this year, railway bridges.

Engineers, practitioners and researchers from around the world will find at the Montreal conference a unique opportunity to gather and discuss examples of current and future practice and research that will cover highway and railway bridges.



Third International Conference on Bridge Maintenance, Safety and Management (IABMAS'06)

July 16-19, 2006
Porto, Portugal

The aim of IABMAS'06 is to bring together all of the very best work that has been done in the field of bridge maintenance, safety and management. The Conference will be of interest to university researchers, representatives from all sections of bridge engineering, bridge engineers working with transportation departments, consultants, contractors, and local authorities interested in all aspects of bridge maintenance, safety and management.
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16th European Conference of Fracture (ECF16)

Alexandroupolis, Greece
July 3-7, 2006

The scope of the European Conference of Fracture (ECF) is to promote worldwide cooperation among scientists and engineers concerned with fracture and fatigue of solids. The conference is under the auspices of the European Structural Integrity Society (ESIS). ECF16 will focus in all aspects of structural integrity with the objective of improving the safety and performance of engineering structures, components, systems and their associated materials. Emphasis will be given in the failure behavior of nanostructured materials and nanostructures.
ECF16 will comprise invited lectures together with contributed oral and poster presentations covering all aspect of fracture and fatigue. During the conference special symposia covering major areas of research activity will be organized. For more information visit


16th Annual Canadian Conference on Intelligent Systems (IS 2006)

Victoria, British Columbia
May 31-June 2, 2006

The IS 2006 conference will continue to deliver the high-quality knowledge transfer and networking opportunities that Precarn and IRIS members have come to expect. As Canada’s showcase of research excellence in intelligent systems, the event will feature presentations and displays of all current Precarn and IRIS projects, as well as, demonstrations, research posters and workshops. We will celebrate academic excellence by presenting demonstration and poster awards to students, as well as the announcement of the 2006 Gordon M. MacNabb Scholarship recipient. Attendance is expected to be a mix of over 300 R&D and business people from industry, universities and research institutions.

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2nd International Conference on Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure (SHMII-2'2005)

Shenzhen, P.R. of China
November 16-18, 2005

The 2nd International Conference on Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure, SHMII-2'2005, will provide a forum for international scientists, engineers, enterprisers and young researchers to discuss recent advances in smart sensors, wireless sensor networks, signal acquisition and processing, and real-time data transferring and management. and explore the potential for international cooperation. Participants will be able to share innovative ideas on the state-of-the-art, state-of-the-practice and future trends of smart sensors, advanced sensor networks and integrated systems for structural health monitoring of intelligent infrastructures.

SHMII-2'2005 is the official conference of the International Society for Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure (ISHMII) and will build on the success of SHMII-1, held in Tokyo, Japan on November 13-15, 2003.

The conference will focus on aspects such as:

  • Smart and other advanced sensors
  • Wireless and other advanced sensor networks
  • Data acquisition, processing and management
  • Damage identification and localization
  • Model updating, safety evaluation and reliability forecast
  • Damage control, repair and strengthening
  • Life-cycle performance-based design
  • Smart materials and structures
  • Global positioning system (GPS) and related systems for wind and earthquake hazard mitigation of civil infrastructure
  • Remote monitoring systems
  • Integrated systems and implementations of SHM
  • Design guidelines and codes of SHM
  • Standardization of SHM systems
  • Critical issues for SHM

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7th International Symposium on Fiber Reinforced Polymer Reinforcement for Reinforced Concrete Structures (FRPRCS-7)

Kansas City, Missouri
November 6-10, 2005

The American Concrete Institute's Committee 440 is pleased to announce that the 7th International Symposium on Fiber Reinforced Polymer Reinforcement for Reinforced Concrete Structures (FRPRCS-7) will be held in Kansas City, Missouri, November 6-10, 2005. The FRPRCS is a bi-annual conference focusing on the research, development, and application of FRP reinforcement for concrete and other structures. FRPRCS-7 is being held in conjunction with the American Concrete Institute's (ACI) 2005 Fall Convention.

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5th International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring (IWSHM5)

Stanford University, Stanford, California
September 12-14, 2005

The purpose of the workshop is to assess the current state-of-the-art technologies in this field and to discuss and identify key and emerging issues in research and development that are critical and unique in structural health monitoring. The workshop is also intended to promote communication exchange and cross-fertilization between multiple disciplines. Technical presentations will be made by invited and selected distinguished speakers, and plenary discussions on the future direction and the “road-map” will be organized. Potential applications of the techniques to military and civilian structures will be discussed.

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Construction Materials: Performance, Innovations and Structural Implications (ConMat'05)

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
August 22-24, 2005

The primary objective of ConMat'05 is to create an environment of mutual cooperation between experts in Materials and Structures and provide a forum for active dialogue.  The Organizers believe that it is only through such a multi-disciplinary approach that significant cross-fertilization of ideas can occur and innovative solutions to our infrastructural inadequacies can be found.

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Civil Engineering Infrastructure Systems (CEIS 2005)

Beirut, Lebanon
June 6-8, 2005

The objective of the conference is to provide a forum for national and international researchers, specialists, professionals and public administrators to share information, experience and knowledge related to civil infrastructure systems, in an environment (Lebanon) where civil infrastructures have suffered total collapse due to the civil war, and are in need of drastic and modern solutions.

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The Fourth Middle East Symposium on Structural Composites for Infrastructure Applications (MESC-4)

Alexandria, Egypt
May 20-23, 2005

The MESC Symposium is a series of conferences in the Middle East on the research, development and application of Advanced Composite Material (ACM) in the construction industry.  "Sustainability of Knowledge" is the Symposium's theme.

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North American Euro Pacific Workshop for Sensing Issues in Civil Structural Health Monitoring (CSHM UIC 2004)

Oahu, Hawaii, USA
November 10-13, 2004

The goal of this workshop is to develop a coordinated research program addressing issues related to sensor packaging, attributes, construction site and placement issues, durability, reliability, multiplexing, distributed sensing, standards and specifications, data acquisition and interrogation systems. The final products of the workshop will be in the form of a hardbound book detailing the state-of-the-practice, and a comprehensive report outlining a detailed plan for research.

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2nd International Conference on Bridge Maintenance, Safety and Management (IABMAS'04)

Kyoto, Japan
October 18-22, 2004

The mission of IABMAS'04 is to bring together all of the very best work that has been done in the field of bridge maintenance, safety and management and to bridge the gap between theory and practice. The Conference will be of interest to university researchers, representatives from all sections of bridge engineering, bridge engineers working with transportation departments, consultants, contractors, and local authorities interested in all aspects of bridge maintenance, safety and management.

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Second International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring of Innovative Civil Engineering Structures

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
September 22-23, 2004

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is an evolving technology that will monitor and define the health of emerging innovative civil engineering infrastructure.

The Workshop's Goal is to provide a state-of-the-art report on recent research activities, technological utilization and commercialization activities in structural health monitoring technologies that will strongly support the introduction of innovations in civil structural engineering.

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4th International Conference on Advanced Composite Materials in Bridges and Structures

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
July 20-23, 2004

The 4th International Conference on Advanced Composite Materials in Bridges and Structures, ACMBS-IV, is organized under the auspices of the ACMBS Technical Committee of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) and is sponsored by the University of Calgary and ISIS Canada Network of Centres of Excellence. The success of the three previous ACMBS conferences, the first held in Sherbrooke in 1992, the second in Montréal in 1996 and the third in Ottawa in 2000, has established this event as a premier forum for exchange of knowledge and experience with the use of advanced composites in bridges and other structures.


CSA -S806 One-Day Workshop

Since fibre-reinforced polymers (FRPs) are increasingly gaining acceptance as an alternative to traditional reinforcing materials in aggressive environments, the Canadian Standards Association has developed the world's first full standard, called "S806-02: Design and Construction of Building Components with Fibre-Reinforced Polymers", for the design and retrofit of building components with FRP reinforcement.  This course will cover the background to the various code provisions, define their scope and through detailed examples demonstrate their applications.

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Montreal, November 27, 2003
Ottawa, December 2, 2003
Calgary, December 4, 2003
Vancouver, December 5, 2003


2nd European Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring

July 7-9, 2004
Munich, Germany

This workshop will assess current state-of-the-art technologies in the field and identify and discuss key and emerging issues in research and development critical and unique to SHM. The workshop is also intended to promote exchange and cross-fertilisation among different disciplines.
The workshop will focus on aspects such as:

  • Sensor and actuator development 
  • Damage identification and properties/ integration characterisation and assessment 
  • Intelligent processing of materials and structures 
  • System integration 
  • Applications (e.g. aeronautics & space, civil engineering, automotive, railway, marine, heavy machinery, textile, others).

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Short Course on FRP Reinforced Concrete Structures

February 12 to 14, 2003
Delta Hotel, Sherbrooke, Québec

Cours intensif sur les renforcements en matériaux
composites de PRF pour les structures en béton