Life Cycle Costing and Engineering

A Life Cycle Costing and Engineering (LCE&C) methodology is being developed by ISIS Project Leader Dr. Gordon Sparks at the University of Saskatchewan. This will be a practical tool for Life Cycle Cost prediction that is pertinent to civil infrastructure design, renewal and ongoing management.

The research includes formally linking life cycle performance and costing forecasts and developing and implementing means of valuing relevant SHM technologies. It also includes development of bridge management system methods and tools applicable to structural components. The management implications of SHM on vibration based damage detection systems will also be explored. Case studies will be published and technology transfer models developed for ISIS workshops.

The objective is to use this Life Cycle Cost prediction model as a means of transferring ISIS technology to the user sector through cross-country workshops. Development of the workshop materials will include liaising with key personnel in bridge design offices throughout Canada to determine the most appropriate approach for transferring the technology in their area. Pre-feasibility and case studies will be carried out to convey real life course material for the workshops. Opportunities will be provided for owners of infrastructure to have access to the LCC study team for two and three day customized training sessions on using LCC prediction models. It is anticipated that throughout this process, the merit of using FRPs instead of conventional steel bars for reinforcement will become evident.