Funding Application

This funding application form is to be used by all current Project Leaders (Principal Investigators) when submitting a new project proposal to the RMC for funding consideration. It is primarily intended for current Project Leaders, but can also be used by senior research professors in civil engineering faculties throughout Canadian universities. Persons wishing to join the ISIS Canada Research Network for the first time as a Project Leader are advised to contact Dr. Aftab Mufti, President of ISIS Canada, at ISIS Headquarters to ascertain general eligibility in advance.

Download Application Form (Microsoft Word document)


Criteria for New Project Approval

In accordance with past practice of the RMC, each new project proposal must comply with the basic NCE requirement of Research Excellence (good science), Training HQP, Networking and Partnerships, Knowledge Exchange and Technology Exploitation and Good Management. All projects must form part of the ISIS mandate and embrace at least one of the two ISIS Technologies of FRPs and FOSs. They shall also conform to NCE requirements regarding environmental considerations.

In addition, a new project must fulfill at least 4 of the 6 following criteria:

1. Provide value added to the ISIS mandate

2. Make a specific priority contribution to fulfillment of the ISIS mandate

3. Fill a research or demonstration gap regarding the mandate

4. Provide a deliverable of benefit to the user sector

5. Enhance or add a new chapter to the design manuals

6. Constitute a current mandate priority

To enhance the utilization of ISIS technologies, priority will be given to:

a) Projects targeting the needs of the user sector

b) Opportunities that contribute to user confidence

c) High profile project opportunities

d) Innovative and unique projects with the potential to attract attention

e) Project having the potential to effect policy change related to the utilization of ISIS technologies

f) Advancement of the education mandate

Additional Considerations

i) Equitable regional distribution of ISIS projects

ii) Number of projects already being funded for the applicant

iii) Provide opportunities for new project leaders not currently in the Network

iv) Scope of Network collaborations in the proposal