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2007 NCE Board Chairs' Award

On the occasion of the retirement of Dr. Tom Brzustowski, Chairman of the NCE Steering Committee, and in recognition of the contribution that the Granting Councils have made to the development of the Networks of Centres of Excellence since the Program’s inception in 1989, the Chairs of the NCE Boards of Directors, at their meeting on June 29th 2005, approved the establishment of the “NCE Board Chairs’ Award”.

The Nature of the Award

The Award will be made annually starting in 2006 through a competitive process that will require the submission of an Essay. It will focus on the impact the author’s research has had in support of the NCE goals. They include mobilizing the excellence of Canada’s research talent in the academic and private sectors towards developing the economy and improving the quality of life of Canadians.

The Essay will discuss how quality research, partnerships, students, networking, and national and international collaboration have all contributed to achieving the goals of the NCE program.

The Essay, however, must be written in such a style that it may be published in a non-research journal. It is not a research paper. It would explain in plain language how the world would be a better place as a result of the research.

The Award will be made annually as a result of a competition open to any network researcher who is currently still actively engaged in network-sponsored research.

The Award is valued at a maximum of $20,000 per annum. The cost will be shared by all Networks; each Network will contribute $1000 each year from non-NCE funds. (For 2006, the total amount will be $15,000).

The Award will be a cash prize and to be used at the winner’s discretion.

The Competition

The competition is open to any network investigator who is actively engaged in research funded through his or her individual Network. The competition will be in two stages. Each NCE will hold its own competition for a President’s Medal, struck with the NCE insignia, logo and the winner’s name. Each Network will establish its own process for selecting its own medal winner.

Medal winners from each Network competition will enter a final round. There will be only one submission per network. A panel of judges nominated by the NCE Directorate will adjudicate the final round and will recommend who should hold the award.

In the event that the competition yielded no suitable candidate for the Award, the cash prize would accrue.

The NCE Directorate will manage the review process and, for each year, a network administrative centre shall be appointed by the Award Committee to manage the collection of funds and the purchase of certificates and medals for the Chairs’ Award. The GEOIDE administrative centre has volunteered and been appointed to play this role for the 2006 Chair’s Award. 

The Board Chairs have appointed an Award Committee to support the NCE Directorate in administering the program.

The rules and procedures provided herein will be reviewed by the Award Committee after the first year, and may make appropriate modifications for future years.

Suggested Application Form

Applications are to be submitted to Dr. Aftab Mufti at ISIS Headquarters by September 1, 2007.

Section A: Summary Information

Title of Essay   
Applicant's Name              

  1. Nature of the research – not more than 75 words
  2. Summary of economic and/or social impact of the research and how it had improved the quality of life of Canadians – not more than 150 words
  3. Average number of graduate students employed in the past three years, with any other awards, honours and further employment that they have achieved as a result of their participation in the program – not more that 150 words
  4. List of Canadian partners in the project with a brief description of the nature of their participation, for instance: monetary, personnel, knowledge or other form of contribution   –  maximum 10 examples, not more than 30 words per partner
  5. List of International partners who have made a major contribution to the research and/or its application in the field – maximum 5 examples, not more than 30 words per partner
  6. How the Applicant proposes to use the monetary award – maximum 75 words
Section B: The Essay

The Essay should be not more than 12 pages in length, to be written in Times New Roman, 12 point, double spaced on 8.5 x 11 inch paper.

The Essay must be structured as follows to make comparisons possible; however, since this is an essay, sub-headings such as used in reports may not be appropriate. The applicant, however, might decide to use other devices to signify a change from one subject to another within the essay.

The text under each heading below are only examples of the kinds of approaches the applicant might consider, they are by no means exclusive and should not be taken as a requirement. Do not exclude the humorous possibilities in order to “lighten” the Essay.

The Objective of the Research and its Potential Outcomes and Impacts

The adjudication committee will not be judging the excellence of the research, as the research will have been assessed by the applicant’s Network prior to commencement. The excellence of the research, however, should be addressed in this section.

The applicant can use his or her judgement as to how to describe the research and how excellence was achieved and acknowledged by others.

Potential outcomes and impacts of the research can be described by numerous means and will be left to the judgement of the applicant.

The Part Played by Highly Qualified Personnel

This is not just a matter of numbers. There is the human element as well as the contribution made by individuals to the social and economic fabric of the country.

The Nature and Value of Networking

Networking and a focus on working with other sectors (industry, public and non-profit sectors, etc) is what distinguishes the NCE program from other research funding programs provided by the Granting Councils. The value of networking and teamwork from a human, research and impact point of view should be considered.

The Part Played by Provincial, National and International Partners

How did you find working with partners, what advantages and disadvantages did you encounter? What contribution did partners make to the success of the research and the impact of that research? What were the best ways of working with partners?

What Value has been derived from the Research and the Research Program?

Value can take many forms, for instance, economic and social value is obvious, but there are also values that have been accrued to individuals and organizations as well as the impact on the quality of life of Canadians.

Section C: The Appendix

The Appendix must comprise:

  1. A Brief CV – 2 pages
  1. Letters of support from:
    1. partners who made a major contribution to the research and who were able to use the research in their own operations whether those operations were of economic or social in nature, not more than 5.

 These letters will be taken into account when assessing the application.