Research Program 2006-2009

In establishing the research program for the final phase of the ISIS mandate in 2006-2009, it was decided that increased value would be achieved by creating a new program that would build on achievements to date but focus on user sector priorities and the reseach gaps that needed to be filled to overcome the barriers to the widespread use of ISIS technologies.

The current research program, which commenced April 1, 2006, has the following four themes:

Theme 1: Intelligent Sensing and Structural Health Monitoring
Director: Dr. J.J. Roger Cheng, University of Alberta
Theme 2: Materials Science and Innovative Structures
Director: Dr. Nemkumar Banthia, University of British Columbia
Theme 3: Structural Strengthening and Rehabilitation With FRPs
Director: Dr. Kenneth W. Neale, Université de Sherbrooke
Theme 4: Technology Transfer and Utilization
Director: Dr. Lloyd R. McGinnis, University of Manitoba

For details of research that took place from 1995-2006 and is now completed, click here.