Student Exchange Program

The objective of the ISIS Canada Student Exchange Program is to enhance the educational experience of students and provide an exchange of knowledge by working with other professors and laboratory facilities on multidisciplined and multisectorial research projects and to strengthen the networking between students and universities within the ISIS Network.

Application Conditions

  1. ISIS will provide up to a maximum of $5,000 for an exchange, on a one time, one return trip basis.
  1. Exchange shall be between two Canadian universities within the ISIS Network [international or non-ISIS universities are excluded]
  1. This exchange program is limited to full time students currently enrolled in a Masters or PhD program, only. Undergraduates, Post Docs, research assistants are excluded from the programs.
  1. The exchange may be of short or long durations, but not exceeding 125 days, in accordance with NSERC guidelines.
  1. To apply, the student shall submit to his or her ISIS Project Leader a proposal and request for sponsorship. If the Project Leader agrees to sponsor the exchange, he or she shall liaise with the co-sponsoring Project Leader at the university hosting the exchange. Once tentative arrangements have been made, the sponsoring Project Leader shall submit the student’s application, together with a sponsorship letter, to the RMC for approval consideration.
  1. The RMC will consider only those applications that are sponsored by a current ISIS Project Leader in conjunction with another such ISIS leader. Independent proposals or applications from students without a sponsor will not be considered.
  1. Verification of preliminary collaboration and arrangements underway must accompany the application.
  1. ISIS Canada will reimburse 50 percent of the cost of an exchange while Project Leaders and/or students involved are responsible for the balance.
  1. ISIS Canada will reimburse the sponsoring Project Leader (where the student is permanently based), on a receipt basis, for 50 percent of expenditures on travel, accommodations and living expenses, all in accordance with NSERC guidelines. Consideration may be given to special requests, as appropriate. It is intended that the sponsoring Project Leaders pay all costs up front and submit receipts to ISIS headquarters for reimbursement in part.
  1. The intent is to cover the cost of exchange, not research, therefore the exchange of laboratory inventory information, borrowing and/or trading laboratory equipment between ISIS universities, and the time cost for technicians or laboratory facilities associated with an exchange program are considered outside the terms of reference of a Student Exchange Program and will not be funded.
  1. Any additional costs pertaining to the purchase, use or transport of equipment and/or materials that may be associated with the exchange, shall be the responsibility of the Project Leaders involved.
  1. Confirmation of RMC approval must be in hand before an exchange takes place. There will be no retroactive approvals or funding.
  1. Upon completion of the exchange, the student is required to submit a report outlining the nature of the exchange and the benefits derived.
  1. Repeat applications from students having already completed an exchange will not be considered.
  1. Up to a maximum of $20,000 will be made available for the ISIS Student Exchange Program in any one year.