Winnipeg, MB – Don Whitmore, Chair of SIMTReC Corporation is pleased to announce that Aftab Mufti, CM, FRSC, PhD, PEng. will assume the role of Director at SIMTReC effective October 16, 2017.

Dr. Mufti assumes the Director’s position following the retirement of Dr. Dagmar Svecova who recently completed her five (5) year term as SIMTReC’s Director. Dr. Svecova, who has taken the position of Head of Civil Engineering at the University of Manitoba, will maintain her strong linkage to SIMTReC as a member of the SIMTReC Research Advisory Committee and will continue as a Project Leader.

Cyrus Shafai, PhD, P.Eng., Associate Dean, Research/Graduate Programs at University of Manitoba Engineering Faculty will become Chair of SIMTReC’s Research Advisory Committee. Dr. Shafai’s leadership will strengthen SIMTReC’s research activities with all engineering departments and when appropriate will facilitate linkage to Faculty of Architecture projects as well.

Douglas Thomson, PhD, P.Eng., Professor in Computer & Electrical Engineering at the University of Manitoba and a long-standing SIMTReC researcher, will retain the position of Associate Director at SIMTReC.

Baidar Bahkt, CM, DSc, PEng. will continue in his role as SIMTREC’s Research and Development Consultant, providing high-level expertise in Bridge Evaluation and Structural Health Monitoring challenges.

Kathryn Atamanchuk, P.Eng., MBA, PMP, Engineer-in-Residence and Industry Partnerships Facilitator in the Faculty of Engineering will, on a part-time basis, assist SIMTReC in building technical liaison with industry that will lead to partnership research opportunities. Kathryn will also work closely with Andy Horosko, P.Eng., SIMTReC’s volunteer Research Liaison with industry and Karen Booth, SIMTReC’s Strategic Consultant to identify future industry projects and funding opportunities.

Chad Klowak, PhD, P.Eng., Structures Lab Manager of the McQuade Structures Laboratory at the University of Manitoba will, on a time-available basis, join the SIMTReC project team as Manager of Operations to assist with delivery of effective and timely projects.

The above appointments will enable SIMTReC to strengthen its linkage with industry and end-users; by providing latest technologies to improve Canadian infrastructure, by strengthening the linkage between University of Manitoba Engineering Faculty and industry, and by continued training of highly-qualified personnel who will facilitate the growth of Canadian companies.

This announcement is the first step in several initiatives that are part of SIMTReC’s Strategic Plan. More details will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead.

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